Letter to an unknown soldier

My darling Walter,

I am not sure whether this letter will reach you in the trenches, but writing it makes me feel that little bit closer to you.
The children are tucked up fast asleep and once more I sit here by candlelight, thinking of my brave soldier.
The mood in the village is strange. So many of us have loved ones serving on the front line. It is difficult to imagine what you are going through, and easier not to try.
The children think that you are away on an adventure and will come home full of exciting stories and bearing gifts .

I just pray that you will come home.

It is not becoming of me to be show weakness but I have not been as strong as I promised. Thankfully my hope has been restored by friends, family and neighbours and I am managing to go through the motions each day.
Each morning I wake and turn to you. For a fraction of a second, I forget.
Our time together has been relatively short but I hold onto the fact that we have already built a family to be proud of. Thomas is so like you that I rejoice each time he speaks. Mabelle took her first steps yesterday and I cannot wait to see you smile when she runs to welcome you home.
I pray for you my beloved husband.
I pray for all of the soldiers in combat whether friend or foe, for each man is but human and precious to someone.
I pray for peace and your safe return.

Your loving wife