Are the 3 R’s outdated

Reading wRiting and aRithmetic.

Tidying out some cupboards today I came across something I haven’t used in years. 

I loved going to the library as a child, queuing up at the returns desk waiting for someone to bring back an Enid Blyton to feed my addiction to the adventures of the Famous Five.

I was brought up in a family who encouraged reading and remember my dad getting into bother from my mum when he signed up for a monthly delivery of magazines that ended up arriving regularly for almost 2 years before reaching the status of encyclopedia,

He received a bonus “leather-look” pair of binders to store each delivery in. Oh, the memories brought back by flicking through those dusty pages;hours pouring over them with my school homework jotter at my side, looking up interesting facts to draft our annual Christmas quiz, or just opening pages at random and inviting my siblings to guess which animal..? Which Country..? etc.

I loved word games and Scrabble was always a favourite.Image result for scrabble

Nowadays we have Google and Wikepedia along with a wide array of websites with easy access to help solve crosswords, do grammar checks and inspire us with new vocabulary to educate and inspire.There are some good word games around too like Bananagram.

Digital Technology brings fantastic benefits but I can’t help feeling that it de-humanises us in some way as we begin to rely on calculators rather than work out figures in our heads, and predictive text that can often cause laughter or alarm.

I’d love to hear your views.