Writing – “Cathie Devitt lives and breathes stories. Every conversation leads to another story, then another and another, each as original, entertaining and thought-provoking as the last. Her writing is similarly engaging, with characters as memorable as their author in settings and situations unique to Cathie’s world view. Her short stories are bursting with energy and life. Roll on that long-awaited debut novel…”Lindsay Fraser:Literary Agent.

Cathie Devitt has a refreshing style of writing, humorous at times and always full of insight and humanity. She has a wonderful imagination and facility with language allowing a reader to share in her perceptions of character and settings. In my opinion hers is a talent worthy of a wide audience.~ Alex Gray, Novelist

Cathie wrote and performed a comedy monologue during an Arvon Creative writing course that I had the privilege of being guest tutor at. Her characterisation and observational skills were key in delivering an energised quirky performance. Throughout the course Cathie impressed me with her range and unique voice. She definitely has a writing talent that is enviable. ~ David Stafford, Writer and Producer

Shell Corporate Event

Performance – ” Cathie expresses energetic talent in her performance poetry and on stage comedy and drama performances. She can move you from tears of laughter to joy, to sorrow and back again. Cathie has a unique way of embracing her characters and bringing them alive for her audience.” Stage Review 2011.


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