Read Nimue Brown’s review of “Don’t Drink and Fly!”

Nimue Brown is a Writer, ponderer, singer of songs, teller of stories. Hill walker, daydreamer, Steampunk Folky and Green activist.  She has a lot of hats.

” Don’t Drink & Fly!” Is a  story of struggles, dark family secrets, people haunted by the past and doing their best to figure out a future. Cover ImageThere were a number of things I really liked about this story. It is a confusing, messy sort of setup which is a good deal more like life than fiction, and as a consequence makes a nice change in a novel. I could not work out where it was going, and it kept surprising me. This is something I like in a story, rather than neatly explained, everything clear and reasonably predictable writing.

I liked the fact that, while the main character is a spell-casting witch, this was not the central issue for the plot.

The Paganism in this story is recognisable to me, this is the kind of witchcraft that fits into my world, these are characters I could imagine meeting down the pub. It’s grounded and fantastical in equal measure, and I really like how the magical elements are handled”.

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