Read Des Dillon’s Review for Don’t Drink & Fly!”

Des Dillon is  an internationally acclaimed award-winning writer, broadcaster, playwright and teacher of Creative Writing.

“Don’t Drink & Fly!” centering on a free spirited Wicca witch Bernice O’Hanlon, deftly brings two of Scotland’s distinct and traditional cultures together; the claustrophobia of tight knit island life and the alienation of urban life.  The characters are so sharply defined they feel like your own friends and relatives and Cathie Devitt hasn’t sugar coated the Gaelic culture either, choosing to present it in all its glorious darkness.

Imagine a Dan Brown novel but with the plot twists and turns being absolutely believable.  Bernice uses Wicca like a self help system to salve her pain. (with the odd revenge spell chucked in) The spells and ritual are also genuine and a dazzling contrast to the harsh urban environment. The magnificent thing about this witch is that her spells and rituals would be easily replicated by us – the reader.  Which brings me back to this book’s authenticity; it’s our life and city but with a salvation more superhuman than supernatural therefore accessible – Wicca. Wicca is described as a very peaceful, harmonious and balanced way of life which promotes oneness with the divine and all which exists. And the comedy comes out of Bernice’s life being at odds with all these attributes because she is one fucked up witch. Drink and relationships problems and a guilt ridden past have kept her from moving forward in life. So when a series of mysterious letters bring her past into sharp focus we are propelled into a series of events that have Island Life and Glasgow life crashing together and keep us guessing on the edge of our seats as Bernice races to catch up with her past before her past catches up with her.

What a brilliant TV series this trilogy would make.(I have only read the first one)

Des Dillon



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