Resources – Tips and ideas

Some people say writing is a solitude task. It can be, but you don’t need to hide away in the attic scribbling by candlelight. There are other writers out there who will be happy to share their experiences, the good the bad and the ugly. (I’m talking about the experiences not the writers).

Look at joining a writers group in your local area or online. Just Google it.

I live in Scotland and we have a lot of groups associated with The Scottish Association of Writers and Federation of Writers  (Scotland)  There will be something similar in other areas throughout the UK and beyond. Local libraries are often a good starting point.

If you join a group and find it’s not right for you try another.

You should also look out for writing festivals and events in your area as these are a great place to meet other writers.

There are lots of websites that give writers prompts if you feel that you need a kickstart.

  • Play  music you don’t normally listen to
  • Read a book by an author /on a subject you haven’t considered before.
  • Walk in an area that you are not familiar with
  • Listen to conversations on public transport
  • Real local newspaper headlines and write your own story based on the headline.