Resources- How to do it

I am talking about fiction as I did at the Witchfest Workshop. If you want more information on writing non- fiction, poetry, or drama, let me know and I will pull together some information.

Creative writing doesn’t mean that you ” make it all up”. Most fiction is a combination of fact and fiction . You will draw on the characteristics of real people. You might invent locations but these will probably be based on places that you know/have visited/have researched.

Try and re-write a fairy tale such as Cinderella setting it in contemporary times. This will change the language actions and location but not the premise.

Read – Seven basic plots By Christopher Booker and you will see that most stories are formed around one of 7 plots.

Story Structure

  • Set up
  • Conflict
  • Resolution

Generally, the narrative structure of any work—be it a film, play, or novel—contains a plot, theme, and resolution. It can also be divided into three sections, which are together referred to as the three-act structure: setup, conflict, and resolution. The setup (act one) is where all of the main characters and their basic situations are introduced, and contains the primary level of characterization (exploring the character’s backgrounds and personalities). A problem is also introduced, which is what drives the story forward.

The second act, the conflict, is the bulk of the story, and begins when the inciting incident (or catalyst) sets things into motion. This is the part of the story where the characters go through major changes in their lives as a result of what is happening; this can be referred to as the character arc, or character development.

The third act, or resolution, is when the problem in the story boils over, forcing the characters to confront it, allowing all the elements of the story to come together and inevitably leading to the ending. (Wikipedia)

Character Profiles

I find it helpful to make up character profiles This helps to avoid contradiction in your writing. If a character is smoking and ten scenes later talks about his hatred of cigarettes, that’s not good. You can’t have someone tucking into a T bone steak then marching for Animal Welfare in her fur coat.