Resources -Books and Magazines

There are loads and loads of books available. I have linked to Amazon so you can have a wee look before you think of buying. Better still ask at your local library and if they don’t have the book, ask them to order it in. I’ve found that some I read, others I dip into and a few I keep near me  like comfort blankets.

Gumtree and Freecycle are good sites to pick up books at reasonable price or free . Car boot sales and charity sales are good too. It is easy to start building a library of “How To” books that end up just gathering dust.

If you do join a writers group ask the group to list what they have in their personal libraries and arrange to borrow or swap.


Writers and Artists Yearbook

Excellent reference book if you are looking to market your work. Lists publications and what sort of writing they are looking for. It is important if you plan to send out work that you check the guidelines for publications. Saves a lot of heartache and disappointment.

As I said at the Witchfest Workshop, if you have a passion/knowledge of a specialist subject, others will be interested to read your views.


Stephen King – On Writing

Ray Bradbury – Zen in the art of writing

Dorothea Brande -Becoming a writer

The Creative Writing Coursebook

Creative Writing for Dummies