Cathie Devitt

Cathie Devitt

Cathie Devitt was born in the east end of Glasgow and spent most of  her childhood living in a council tenement on the south side of the city. “Third born into a family of four: two sisters and a brother, I was not the cherished “first born”, not the baby of the family, nor the only son.  just… ‘the other one'”.

“I wrote and performed in my first play at primary school aged 11 years. Life took over and writing was consigned to work related bumff the quality of which somehow stopped me from being sacked or evicted.”

“I studied at Glasgow and Strathclyde University whilst working and bringing up my two daughters alone. Oh what fun we had! Tears,tantrums,hormones and hooch. (The girls sometimes kicked off too.) The studies resulted in bits of paper that no-one ever asked to see but somehow greased the rungs of the career ladder h enougto ensure that the three of us never went hungry.”

The flame of desire to write has flickered on and off, but never been snuffed out. Encouraged by publication in various genres, Cathie Devitt moved on to support others by facilitating creative writing workshops. Cathie has also written and performed drama workshops in a corporate environment to showcase company policies and practices, such as Health and Safety and Equality in the workplace. Add to that writing and performing in Festival Theatre and training as a laughter yoga therapist and you can see why Cathie Devitt is in a class of her own.

I was born in the East End of Glasgow, Main Street near Bridgeton Cross. 

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