Slava Snow Show

I first experienced The Slava Snow show a few years ago. It amazed me then and didn’t fail again this week. You may well ask why I chose to go see the show again. Seems I raved about it so much my daughters thought it a plan to gift me tickets for my Birthday. We went as a group of six this time, with our partners. Just watching their expressions was amazing enough as the show unfolded.


There were quite a few young children at the evening performance and personally, with the lights and special effects I wouldn’t recommend it for those under 12, but that is just my opinion. Not that there is anything harsh or scary but the show is very loud and as I say the special effects are awesome for  adults but perhaps not so to a younger audience. Anyway it was a school night and anyone that knows me knows my view on schoolkids curfews of 09.00pm.

Slava Polunin, is a Russian performance artist  who has spent a lifetime attempting to achieve the artistic mastery reached by his two childhood heroes – Charlie Chaplin and Marcel Marceau. And with Slava’s Snowshow – the culmination of his decades of entertaining audiences around the world – he thinks he’s done them proud.


There is a story to the mime albeit a bit fragmented at some times for me this certainly didn’t stop my enjoyment. The show involves the audience at point sand I really don’t want to go into any detail with “spoilers.” If you get the chance to see it please do.Find out more 

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