Scottish Community Drama Association

A surprise weekend in Pitlochry over the Easter weekend brought many more little surprises along the way. One of which was stumbling upon Scottish Open Finals of the Scottish Community Drama Association annual one act play event.

We managed to get two tickets for the last night and enjoyed two plays;Primrose Way – 88 Theatre company and Cupboard Love – Locharron Theatre Company.

Primrose Way was a gritty drama telling the story of an old bag lady who was once a theatre star, looking back on her troubled childhood and memories. It was well acted with a cast of 3; Primrose in the present day , Primrose as a teenager and a 3rd actress playing multiple parts .

Cupboard Love was a two handed comedy showing two OAPs meeting in the park whilst on a bid to get fit. It transpires that they are both being wooed by the same Silver Fox and on alternate evenings the sly fox has them cooking up a feast. They plot their revenge but then think better of it and decide instead to join forces and open a café.

Divisional Final Highland

First Young Trophy Wick Players Time Begins At Midnight by Simon Lamb

Second Caroline Groves Trophy LochCarron A.D.C. Cupboard Love by Jean MacLennan

Stage Presentation MacLennan Trophy Thurso Players The Incredible Adventure of See Thru Sam

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