Ostara: Spring Equinox (Ostara) – March 21st/22nd

This marks the Spring Equinox. Some refer to this as the Pagan “Easter”.

It is traditionally the day of equilibrium, neither harsh winter chills nor merciless summer heatwaves. Here in the west of Scotland, no-one told the weatherman about equilibrium as we had snow this morning. The daffodils in my garden hung their heads and cried.

The second of the 3 spring festivals, this Sabbat occurs in mid-march when day and night are of equal length. (Unless like me you wake several times in the night bursting with ideas for your writing then can’t face getting up when the alarm goes off)

This is also the festival of fertility where seeds are blessed for planting soon after, albeit you may need the patio heater on whilst you grapple with your trowel.

Traditional colours for this holiday are light green, lemon yellow and pale pink. Or as I like to call them; pasty pastels.

This is a time of childish wonder. Painted eggs, baskets of flowers and ribbons are often used to decorate the home. Or if you live with teenagers, empty sweet wrappers lidless coke bottles and smelly socks.

Use this time to free yourself from things which hinder progress. De-clutter – upgrade your broadband – hide the biscuits.As a day of equilibrium, it is a good time to perform self banishings and also perform workings to gain things we have lost, or to gain qualities we wish to have.

So… how are you going to spend Ostara? Share your pics on Facebook.


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