The Play that goes Wrong

We all love a sneaky peak behind the scenes. Oh yes a good old dose of Voyeurism is always welcome. I caught this play at Glasgow Theatre Royal. Advertised as “Noises Off meets Fawlty Towers in ‘The Play That Goes Wrong’ the new hit comedy direct from the West End!” I was intrigued. The action started before the play as some of the cast “worked” the audience by pretending to be stage crew looking for a lost dog . (portrait of said dog was hanging above the fireplace on the set. This carried on with a member of the audience being invited on stage to help with props and the guy chosen was well up for the joke.


The Play that Went Wrong!


I am not normally a fan of slapstick comedy pied in the face style, but this farce was so well produced and performed that my admiration was well deserved. A single set and minor costume changes for one or two characters could have made the play boring for me but the action packed performance, skillful delivery and ever changing set made up for that.The image shown is not of the cast I saw in Glasgow but I am sure every performance will be just as entertaining. For me, it went on a bit long with the audience knowing and waiting for the next mishap. However, judging by the roars of laughter around me I appreciate that you can’t please everyone all of the time. Professional production, well cast and executed. Congratulations to all involved.

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