Dirty Dancing- Glasgow Flash Mob

Choose one of the hottest nights in Glasgow…ever….throw a couple of thousand females into a theatre…hand them a goody bag with tacky swag and invite them to sing-a-long to the famous “Dirty Dancing” movie with lead man Patrick Swayze flexing his (often naked) muscles at every opportunity and what do you expect the atmosphere to be like!

One giant Hen Night (apart from two (obviously hen-pecked) men dragged along by their evil partners.

The warm up act issued instructions as to when and how the swag should be used to enhance the overall experience; Plastic hands that clap when you rattle them, watermelon coloured balloon, condom, tissue and party poppers are all held up like tribal artefacts as the audience swear their allegiance to the King of Dirty Dancing.

A few hardy females took to the stage to parade hand crafted Tee- shirts and showcase their look – a -likey- outfits. Groups in tiarias waved regally as they took to their seats and the sole male security usher stood frozen throughout the film guarding the fire exit and with his hands clasped firmly in front of him, his crown jewels.

And so the reel is run…

Good humoured Glasgow banter drowned out the key lines as the crowd auditioned for Dirty Dancing Part Two (or so it seemed). Grannies and teenagers linked arms, drunken buddies sang out of tune, strangers smiled and chatted with each other as they shared the bonding experience.

Poppers popped, clappers clapped and tissues wiped away tears of laughter. All too soon the finale had the audience on their feet once more as Baby came out of her corner and let Johnny lift her high as a bird.

With spirits just as high the audience tumbled back into the streets, paper cocktail parasols in their hair and a song in their heart.

Home to bed to savour the dream before setting their alarm clocks for the return to normality next day.

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