Glasgow Central Station

Glasgow Central Station holds many happy memories for me. My Dad Pat Devitt worked there for a hunner years. Today I saw it from a different angle as I donned my safety cap and high vis waistcoat. My Dad told us about the underground village and the vast labarynth of nooks and crannies, each with a solid social history. Today this was brought to life by the tour guide, a passionate Glaswegian with the burning ambition to raise funding and have the area refurbushed to the way it was. Not Disney style with glitter and gimmicks. Simply keeping our heritage alive and allowing locals to mingle with tourists and experience Glasgow History in an authentic environment.

One mural depicts the anguish of a young woman sent to the vaults to look amongst the hundreds of -laid out on stretchers in the make-shift morgue. The intention is to flank the image with the Scots version and English translation of “The Soldiers Cairn” by Mary Symon. Thank You  to my youngest daughter for one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received. Having shared a can of tea in the railway bothy, travelled in the guard van, slept on the luggage rack of the old compartmental coaches and turned the wooden slats of the old departure Board, this short tour today added to my memory box. Support the fundraising!         Take the Tour!



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