Hand-Fasting Celebrations


Venue and altar

I was delighted to be welcomed as a guest at Pauline and Charlie’s celebration of their hand-fasting and marriage on 31 Oct 2015.

Cathie Devitt

Cathie Devitt (without her Masquerade mask)

The venue at the Winter Gardens  in Glasgow could not have been more delightful. The décor was split between celebrating the happy couple’s commitment and fun Halloween celebrations.
The combination of a traditional Scottish Wedding :(men in kilts!)and the influence of the Wiccan element was further enhanced by the Masquerade Ball theme for evening guests  and made this an enchanting event indeed. Set in the parklands of Glasgow Green, with a fantastic band and piper, this was one night that will be a golden memory for me.

Cake created by a friend is part of my gift to the happy couple, loved the Wiccan symbolisms.


My pumpkins made an impression! Pink glitter ball and stud punk pumpkin are my works of art.


Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Reid-Adamson

Thank you for inspiring me to take notes that will no doubt end up as prose in the Trilogy: The Story of Bernice O’Hanlon.

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