50 Shades

Curiousity is my middle name so when my darling daughter gave me a gift voucher at Xmas to go see E.L. James’s “50 shades of Grey” I accepted the challenge. I hadn’t read the book and was well aware of all the hype surrounding it, but a gift is a gift and so we set off.

Glasgow, the city where I live, is well know for it’s gritty sense of humour and the audience reaction of heckling was Ace.

I am not validating any of the sex scenes as I know there has been a big negative outcry from Women’s groups, but we live in a society where we are allowed to choose and make informed decisions based on our own feelings and thoughts. Part of why I did go was to see what all the fuss was about.

To me, it was a spiced up “Carry On” film: racy and ridiculous. Not to everyone’s taste but no worse than anything we see on TV. It was a mainly female audience although there were a few brave couples in situ.

I am glad I didn’t read the book, I have suffered no after effects from watching the film and I really hope the media frenzy dies down now. It is only feeding the fire.

E.L. James?… well, she’ll have made a fortune.


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