Stand up for Clutha

Fantastic night at Glasgow 02 Fundraiser to support friends family and emergency services involved in the tragic accident at the Clutha bar in Glasgow on 29th November 2013.

The hall was sold out as the crowd who braved biting rain settled down to enjoy a night of Glasgow comedy. Some may think a comedy night inappropriate, but when the friends, family and survivors joined the audience, it was clear that Glasgow has a softer side than normally portrayed in the media and that this was our way of supporting those closely involved.

The Clutha bar is legendary in Glasgow. Part of a triangle of bars, the Scotia and Victoria being the other two at the side of the River Clyde in Glasgow’s city centre. The clientele, from my experience, are mainly musicians, artists and writers, and those who enjoy the company of folk steeped in Glasgow banter.

I don’t know any Glaswegian who hasn’t stepped inside the doors of the Clutha at some point. Many musicians doing the rounds of the three bars in one night just joining in a random jam session.

Everyone involved gave their time freely, the audience happy to pay entrance costs and buy a shed load of raffle tickets.

It was heart warming to see the efforts raise a hugeamount towards the Lord Provost’s fund.

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