Carnaby Street

The Kings theatre Glasgow was the venue for this bright and colourful musical.

Front stalls was the ideal spot to feel part of this dynamic performance.

Set against the backdrop of London’s West End in the sixties, its iconic clubs, fashion and characters, Carnaby Street is the real musical story of a generation.

The energetic cast got through more than 30 classic hits from the time, adding their own style including Son of a Preacher Man, Do Wah Diddy Diddy, Tired of Waiting For You, You Really Got Me, Keep on Running, Sweets for my Sweet .

Carnaby Street shares the story of one young guy from Liverpool’s dream– to become a rock star. Touches of romance and betrayal, bittersweet love and loyalty, take you on a journey back through the 1960’s. Mods and Rockers, Hippies and the Hopeless. Excellent narrative with punchy jokes flowed through via on the street newspaper boy giving an overview of key points in British History.

Dance routines to die for and excellent vocals from the main cast. The death of the band’s lead singer and guitar player had the audience in tears.

One show not to be missed.

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