All happening at restored cinema in Aberfeldy

I recently had the pleasure of enjoying a movie at the recently restored Birks Cinema in Aberfeldy.

History of the Birks

On 20 January 1939 the minute of a special meeting of the Town Council of the Burgh of Aberfeldy recorded the approval of a plan submitted by Strathmore Picture Houses Ltd ‘for the erection at the corner of Dunkeld Street and Chapel Street, a Cinema.’ To build it, three old houses were demolished and the 470-seat cinema was ready to be opened on July 3.

The cinema is small but a joy to sit and watch a film from the lucious red velvet seating. Good cafe with great cakes.

The film?

Love is all you need

Brosnan plays a widower, Philip a succesfull businessman  on the Copenhagen fruit and vegetable wholesale scene who is hosting his son’s wedding at his villa in  Sorrento, Italy. Mother of the bride, Ida (Trine Dyrholm), is a cancer survivor who has just completed a course of chemotherapy but is still awaiting the final all-clear.

Ida’s feckless husband has absconded with a girl from his office, so she, like Philip, is going to the wedding alone. As they make the final preparations , love is in the air, although Philip’s desperate sister-in-law Bendikte (Paprika Steen) is hoping to catch Philip for herself.

Bier’s film is  a romance with some comedy moments, although the wedding backdrop and holiday setting are both strong reminders of Mamma Mia.

Bier’s  characters all have their own  vulnerabilities to bear. Anders Thomas Jensen’s script, which is just about equal parts English and Danish, is packed with humour that springs from recognisable human foibles, and Brosnan and Dyrholm have brilliant chemistry together. The younger cast members not as screen as much, although they play their parts well.

Love is All You Need has been made for an audience rarely catered for by the film industry: intelligent adults who enjoy perceptive and good-hearted drama.

My West of Scotland Male partner even enjoyed it. Testament indeed.

“The script touches your heart, you fall in love with the words, you fall in love with the character. . . in this particular instance it was so much tied to my life in many ways, having lost a wife to cancer, so I knew something about the grief of life,” Brosnan said.




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