My Mad Fat Diary

My Mad Fat Diary hit our screens earlier this year.

The show has been given a second series which is just a delight to me. Why?

Because the lead role of Rae Earl is played by none other than Sharon Rooney who some of you may remember played the part of my daughter, Bulma, in the play “Mammy” that I wrote for Magner’s Comedy Festival.Direct-Devitt-Grabs-87-940x412

Sharon has moved on from five star reviews for her fantastic performance in Mammy to unbelievable and well deserved success in My Mad Fat Diary. I should have held on to her coat tails while I had the chance.

The successful drama, based on the real-lifeteenage diaries of author Rae Earl, has pulled in an average total audience of 1.2 million per episode.

Billed as combining the hormonal angst of The Inbetweeners with the self-deprecation ofBridge Jones’s Diary, My Mad Fat Diary has been heralded by the likes of Sarah Millican and Caitlin Moran for its honest, sometimes painful, portrayal of adolescence.

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