Simply The Best

Tina TurnerAnother fabby Christmas gift. This time from my very own “Writer’s Bloke”. Although he claims not to  like musicals, there was a fair bit of bopping and a weaving, tapping and a humming, going on beside me. The show wasn’t what either of us expected as we thought there would have been more of a story-line. However, as a fantastic tribute to Tina, “Soul Sister” at the King’s Theatre Glasgow was a belter!

Emi Wokoma must be a love child of  Tina’s. She was just stunning, Her musical range, her energetic dance routines and her overall performance was to die for.

I actually thought that a few of the male audience might have done just that as she sassied along strutting her tail feathers flanked by four of the most dynamic support dancers that I have seen in a long time.

Ike was well-played by Chris Tummings. His guitar solo had the audience spell-bound although they showed no mercy at his portrayal of the violent Ike.

The band was brilliant, costumes sparkly enough for me and the stage management and production must have taken weeks to get right. The simple yet effective use of sliding panels to change scenes was enhanced by an ever-changing backdrop that gave a sense of time and place.

The selection of songs was varied but include a range of Tina’s hits from her days with Ike and the Ikettes, right up to her solo career .

What a woman!

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