2013 Here we come

Lots of new projects bubbling away for 2013.  DevittGirlsatXmas

I always find that the time between Xmas and New Year celebrations is kind of surreal.I lose track of what day it is, never mind what date. I eat way too much cheese crackers crisps and dips. I look at the mess around the house and wonder why I bothered to tidy up before Xmas eve. I wave goodbye to family and friends and sigh with relief that they are gone, then feel guilty because I know I will be missing them soon. I watch TV with glazed eyes. I know the dogs need walked but not how to remove my couch potato bum from the sofa to do so. I wash more towels than I knew I owned. I dream of warm weather, lazy days by the river and crisp cold wine on a terrace in the sun.

But most of all I feel amazement at the wonderful life that I have. Which of course takes me back to Xmas eve and a cosy evening with my partner and daughter at Glasgow GFT watching the old black and white movie with James Stewart. Every year we carry out this tradition before retiring in our new Xmas jammies for a restful night before Santa arrives. WhatAWonderful Life

A relaxing Xmas day lunch at the Corinthian with my two beautiful daughters, followed by cocktails in the Piano Bar.

What a wonderful life.

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