The Glasgow Girls

Play-Glasgow GirlsAnother night at the theatre. This time for an exhilarating experience. The Glasgow Girls, a play written by Cora Bissett, was adapted from David Greig’s book of the same name. Based on the true story of seven girls from Drumchapel High School in Glasgow who received the award for “Best Public Campaign” at the Scottish Politician of the Year Awards in 2005.

Their achievement was their campaign  against the deportation from Scotland of one of their friends and classmates (Kosovo Roma girl Agnesa Murselaj) and her family. Under growing political and legal pressure, the Blair government was forced to back down on its insistence that all Kosovo refugees were safe to return to their country of origin.

To imagine this experience being transformed into a musical play must have taken strong determination and skill. The result was an energetic professional performance that moved the audience from tears of joy and sadness to ultimate admiration, as the cast sang, danced, and played out multiple roles in a performance that was choreographed with  cross cultural expertise .

All I can say is that the cast must have eaten their porridge. Their timing was perfect, not a line out of kilter and the characterisation of Jack McConnell and a squabble of MSP’s was sheer joy to watch.

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