And so September arrives

With a not to great summer behind me, weather wise, I am looking forward to the beautiful colours of Autumn. I have a panache for hats and scarves anyway and loads of gloves, so I am sorted on that count.

I have several writing projects on the go just now and many more bubbling away in the background. Such is my life. I am trying not to be so much of a Clutter bug and to actually get organised and get my work out there! I love creating the idea, the plot, the dialogue and can even stand to type it all up.

Proofreading, editing and  tidying up all the loose ends… I am a nightmare.

Hence much of my work lies like unclaimed treasure at the bottom of a pile.

I have had computer crashes, lost files, and melt downs when I can’t find files I KNOW I have…somewhere. This is a weakness that I am addressing as you read this. By throwing this admission into the ether, I am publicly acknowledging my wayward ways. I spend a lot of time drawing up to do lists, project plans, mind maps and plot lines.

From now on I am determined to fire more work off for publication.

I know you want to read it!

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