Cathie’s chatty conversational writing style and sharp Scottish humour appeals to a range of age groups although the trilogy is intended for an adult audience.

Cathie has published short stories, articles and poetry for various magazines, anthologies and other publications.  Her style of writing is unique and a bit of a roller coaster of emotions for any reader plucky enough to stick with it.

Enjoy Cathie’s trilogy of novellas about the life of fictional character, Bernice O’Hanlon a contemporary Wiccan witch *

“Don’t Drink & Fly!”  Part One

“Don’t Doubt the Magic!” Part Two

“Don’t Break the Circle” Part Three

Enjoy Cathie’s poetry collection

“The Wheel Keeps Turning”


Cathie’s play “Mammy” toured the Glasgow Comedy Festival, Edinburgh Fringe and Henley Festival 2011-2012.


* With the main character in the trilogy , Bernice, being a modern day Wiccan Witch, the trilogy falls out-with standard genres and into “Witch Lit”.  The trilogy deals with everyday problems including addiction, depression, domestic abuse, and illness, but is written with compassion, humour and hope.  Love, romantic encounters and humour are peppered throughout the plot. The character Bernice’s reactions to the turmoil in her life have her reaching for her Book of Shadows, crystals and (perhaps a little too often) a goblet of red wine.

“Don’t Drink & Fly!” was shortlisted for The People’s Book Prize and is popular with readers in the UK, USA and Canada.




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  1. John Moody says:

    Like Witch Lit as a genre. 🙂

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